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Moe Moe World War II-3 Deluxe Edition-PLAZA

  • PC
  • Abenteuer
  • Sprache Englisch
  • 14.02.2020

Throughout the course of the game, players can experience ADV mode and have nice conversations with girls, SLG mode was formed by fancy and flashy strategies, and you also can interact with girls by the „repairing parts“ game mechanic.

Players can have intimate interactions with injured Girls of Steel by the repairing mechanic in the game; moreover, the „weapon transfer“ system allows each characters to have up to three weapons to choose from. Also there is a new system called „Core Equipment“ In this game. Only Girls of Steel have the „core“. The Girls of Steel can split into two genres: Native Girls of Steel who already has a „Core“ during development and Nurtured Girls of Steel who obtained their „Core“ due to human transformation. According to the official information, Girls of Steel can equip „Core“ on them; Once equipping the „Core“ their attributes will become stronger. Players can also remove or switch the „core“ to enhance their characters easily.

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4.92 GB
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