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Notoris The Goblin War-DARKSiDERS

  • PC
  • Strategie
  • Sprache Englisch
  • 02.07.2022

Notoris is a fantasy war game featuring a unique combination of classic turn-based mechanics in a non-grid-based system. In it, you command your soldiers in strategic battles, perform epic feats on the battlefield and unravel the mysteries behind the Goblin invasion.

Loosely inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the story revolves around three different main characters. Will you be the young and fearless Havie, the strong and daring Colmac or the wise and adept Mika? Balance and manage your army on your way to gaining fame.

Notoris is being developed by Flying General Games, a new studio mainly comprised of current students and recent alumni working part time on this passion project. This project was funded by student labor, student loans and caffeine.

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3.27 GB
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