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Three Kingdoms Story Conussia Complete rework-I KnoW

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  • 30.01.2023

The ruler of Conussia has disappeared, and next in line to the throne is a young princess who is desperate for help.

The Royal Army has been decimated in a recent battle with the forces of darkness and reduced to a fraction of its power, and the only survivor from the powerful circle of Royal Mages is a coward that fled the battle. With these, the Princess must consolidate her claim to the throne facing challenges from political factions both inside and outside her own Court, as well as protecting her land from the encroaching dark forces that grow in strength and numbers every day.

You arrive in Conussia as a stranger, having foiled a kidnap attempt against the Princess and are drawn into the complex political plots of the Royal Court, as different political factions scheme for control of the Princess and her Kingdom.

Conussia is a Kingdom balanced on a knife-edge, and the actions of a single stranger will have profound consequences for the entire nation.

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