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YRek Lost In Portals

  • PC
  • Action
  • Sprache Englisch
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  • 17.06.2021

YRek Lost In Portals is a FPS game with adventure in mind, it is inspired by the old classic games like Doom, Turok, Hexen, Heretic. You are stranded on a Portal adventure with an AI that will help you on your journey. Epic Boss fights and Dungeon Exploring is the core game.

You are there to survive the long way back home, lots of foes and unexpected enemies will try to get you out of the way.

There are 9 weapons available on the Game Intelligent enemies with unique patterns during fights.
Dismemberment is part of the game with a katana weapon. Incredible soundtracks on the entire journey. A grappling Hook Mechanic is within the game for some more action. Dinosaurs, Worms, Humanoids, Dragons, Wizards, Wolfs, Dwarfs, Spiders, Snakes, Sharks, will be there to challenge you, and some Epic boss fights will be there before you can move forward.

There are 3 fully fleshed long levels with traps labyrinths, platforming and exploration.

YRek Lost In Portals v2 0-PLAZA

6.59 GB
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